organizational decor

I love when decorations are also incredibly useful! I’m always trying to find different ways to display quotes I like, lists I make, or sayings I live by, so when I saw an idea on Pinterest to hang clipboards to showcase photos or messages, I made my own version of it and love the way they turned out.

I bought three simple clipboards and already had the white board, cork board, and chalkboard to glue to them, but these can easily be purchased at a craft store. I hot glued the boards to the clipboards, decorated them as I liked and hung them on my door with Command Strips. I arranged them in a straight line, but they’d look adorable scattered on a wall in an office, in a pattern, or any way you’d like.

This idea is perfect for a dorm or apartment, but it would also be ideal in a house as a little organization station or inspiration wall. Mine combines both inspirational sayings and a to- do list, so that as I walk out of my door, I feel full of purpose and ready to take on the day. These clipboards were quite easy to make, but they turned out really cute, and they would work well in any living space.



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