jet set // travel essentials

When traveling, I have become quite consistent with the things I throw into my carry-on at the last second. I have three essentials that get me through all travel, especially long flights and multiple airports.

My number one essential is SNACKS. I am a huge snacker. The first thing I dig for in my bag on a flight is something to munch on because it seems to distract me from take off, landing, and all of the hours in between. Usually I’ll bring a variety of snacks but I typically reach for a granola bar or almonds or some kind of trail mix so I don’t feel guilty when I eat the whole bag. I also really like to bring chocolate covered dried fruit or something sweet, as a treat at some point during the flight.


This essential may be tied for first with snacks- CHAPSTICK. I absolutely cannot go on a trip without chapstick. Having chapped lips is one of the most uncomfortable feelings and with the dry air in the plane, chapstick is a must. Especially if you’re on the plane for several hours, or traveling to a place of a different climate, your lips will need some love. I have chapstick with me at all times but my go-to (and favorite) is Burt’s Bees.


The last travel essential is FUZZY SOCKS. I typically wear flip flops or sandals on the plane or in the car so they’re easy to slip on and off, but my feet freeze on planes, so I always put a pair of fuzzy socks in my carry on so I can kick of my shoes and keep my feet warm. This is especially helpful for overnight flights or early morning flights when I want to get a little extra sleep since the fuzzy socks are warm and comforting.


Enjoy your next trip!!



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