summer scents

I definitely have a thing for perfume, and my collection has become quite large. There are a few scents that I have acquired that are absolutely perfect for summer, and I figured this is the perfect time to share them.


Viva La Juicy: This perfume has a fruity, fun scent that screams summer. I have been wearing this perfume for years and get compliments on how it smells all the time.

Daisy: This scent by Marc Jacobs is much more mature than the Juicy one, but it will seriously make you want to frolic through a field because of the fresh, floral scent.

Rose Radiant Gold: If you like a slightly musky floral scent, this is the perfume for you! It is perfect for this time in summer as we start to transition into fall and is just lovely.

Japanese Cherry Blossom: This is one of my favorite body mists to throw into my gym bag or on the go because it smells delicious but it is easy to transport. Perfect body mist in my eyes.

My hope in wearing these summer perfumes is that the more I wear them, the less likely summer is to end.





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