dance like no one is watching

I kind of feel bad for Mondays… They have the opportunity to symbolize a fresh start and getting back into a routine, but instead they are dreaded and viewed so negatively. I figured on the first Monday of every month, a little motivation is necessary. So to start off the first Monday in August right, here is the debut of ‘motivational Monday’.

Last week I was in Mexico, on a cruise, and on the very last night they were asking for volunteers to come on stage before one of the productions. I raised my hand, unsure of what I was getting myself into, and got called up on stage. They called one other person up as well and we found ourselves having a dance off.

I danced when I was younger and did competitive cheer for several years, but I’m still completely awkward when it comes to freestyle dancing. However, in that moment I thought to myself, “I am going to look more silly in front of this audience if I only half dance and barely move than if I just go all out. Plus, besides my family (who is fully aware of my obnoxious dance moves), I won’t ever see these people again so I might as well just have some fun.”

Right when I decided that, I did the sprinkler, twirled around, danced like crazy and ended up winning the dance off. I realized how important it is to sometimes just let go, allow yourself to be in the moment and dance like no one is watching (even if you think you look ridiculous, like me).

Happy Monday & Happy August!!



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