diy fur stool // under $30

I have seen fur stools all over instagram and house magazines and loved them, until I looked at the crazy prices. Some of the stools I looked at were hundreds of dollars for small stools, and when I realized I had something in my room I could turn into one like these, I decided to diy it.

My mom had found this small stool at a garage sale (the owner actually used it as a dog bed) and it was the perfect base for this project. It was cushioned at the top and covered with a vibrant fabric and wrapped with a boa. My room is grey and white, with hints of pink, so I decided to create a charcoal gray fur stool.

I took off the fabric and the boa on the stool and removed most of the stuffing so it looked pretty flat. I found some small strips of fur for under $3 so I bought about 7 of them. I went to Joanne’s Fabric Store, but I have seen the same fur strips at Hobby Lobby and Michaels. I laid out the pieces and pinned them together over the stool to make sure they would look right, and then hot glued them on. The trick is to glue them together in opposite directions so the fur is not all facing the same way. It will make it look more textured and less uniform. I also rubbed my fingers through the fur at the end, so it has a messy look, which helps hide the seams and make it look more natural.



In total it only took a few hours to make, and the stool is one of my favorite pieces in my room. Even though I made it for under $30, it seriously looks just as nice as the ones I see in stores. I love the way it turned out and think it completes my room perfectly.



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