back to school

Happy start of the school year!! So now that you have had a week or so to adjust and figure out where your classes are, it’s time for the fun stuff with school.

Every year, I look forward to back to school shopping. Organizational accessories honestly make me so happy. I’m not just the black and white composition notebook kind of girl, though. I need the pretty, flowery notebooks, pencils with sweet sayings on them, and all of my school supplies always follow a color scheme. There are a few things I got this year that I absolutely love and had to share!


The one thing I am always the most excited to buy is an agenda. I actually just got the small Lily Pulitzer agenda at the end of last year, but I wanted a new one for this school year. I also wanted something a little larger because I had a tough time fighting for space in the smaller planner. For most people that size would probably work, but I pack mine FULL of every detail of my day and a very long to do list, so I needed plenty of room for writing.


A few small accessories that I picked up and love are these paper clips with words on them. It came in a pack of 5 and they each say something different. I use these in my agenda and in my binders and every time I use one it makes me smile. I also got this pack of pencils which are my favorite things EVER. It is a pack of ten pencils and each one has a different message on it. A few of my favorite are “you make it rain rainbows”, “you’re fresher than lemonade”, and “all heart eyes on you, girl”. These are a must have for starting school.


Last but not least are the important things. I’d take a planner and cute pencils over a notebook any day, but I guess notebooks are necessary too. I got these really cute ombre notebooks in three different colors and I love them. I got a pink one, blue one, and black one and each has shiny gold polka dots on it. The colors match perfectly with my pencils and agenda and every time I get into class, I get excited to bring them out and take notes. My other favorite back to school essential is Sharpie pens. They write so well and look much nicer than regular pens. I don’t use these every day or when I’m taking notes, but on handwritten or important projects, these will make your assignment look so professional.


I don’t know about you, but cute school supplies really make me excited about school and ready to get into the classroom and learn. So if you’re like that too, treat yourself (although everything I mentioned is super affordable) and get some fun back to school goodies.



Some of my favorite:

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