a new level of happy // Virginia

As we biked along this path in Virginia for 17 miles, I stopped several times and looked around and thought “Is this even real life or am I in a movie?” because I have never experienced such beautiful scenery. This put it into perspective of how surreal life can seem sometimes and made me realize the importance of being present.



During this hike I was truly present (mostly because there was no cell reception and I had to focus on keeping my bike balanced, since I’m not very coordinated), but I realized how much more I enjoyed life. I appreciated small moments, that I think I often miss due to looking down into a screen, or getting lost in the thoughts of my mind. It’s crazy to think that this world is full of the same beauty I experienced on this bike ride, but I fail to even notice most of it. Sometimes, you just need a wake up call that the world is too amazing to forget to see it, take it in, and appreciate it- and this weekend was that for me.

As you can see by the smile on my face, this is my happiness.




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