managing stress

Have you ever gotten to the stage of extreme stress where your eyes start to twitch? Unfortunately, I have been there too many times. Since I know stress is inevitable around this time of year, I wanted to give you a few little tips I use to help manage stress.

Recently, I have gotten more into essential oils and absolutely love them. At this point, there is basically an essential oil for anything and they seem to be a solution for any situation. Can’t sleep? Lavender oil. Congested? Eucalyptus oil. Trouble focusing? Peppermint oil. There are so many oils and brands out there today, and I love trying them all out. I am still learning which I like and work best for me, but I know with finals right around the corner, my stress-relief one will be heavily used. The combination of these two in my diffuser has been my favorite lately.


Taking some time for yourself is incredibly important when you’re stressed. Whether that consists of taking a bath, reading a book, journaling, listening to music, sitting by the fireplace, or just simply taking a second to stop and focus on your own thoughts, that time is essential. One of my favorite ways to destress is drinking hot tea while snuggled up in a blanket. So often I get wrapped up in my busy schedule that I forget the importance of calm and relaxation, but when I do make time for it, I am always glad I did. Lately, I have been making tea much more often, and drink it on Saturday or Sunday morning before starting my day. Typically I will sip my tea and make my to-do list for the day or weekend and it always starts my day on the right note. fullsizerender

Going outside is so so crucial to personal balance. Too often I get stuck in the routine of sitting inside studying or getting homework done, that I forget how important sunshine and Vitamin D are for my well-being. Going for a quick walk, or even just doing work outside provides fresh- air and a clear mind that will increase productivity.fullsizerender-8

Adult coloring has kind of become a trend lately, and I am absolutely loving it. I never realized how calming it can be to just sit and color, but it’s now my favorite way to de-stress. There are so many coloring books out there, and my favorite are the inspirational/motivational ones. These not only help my mind, but also my soul. It’s also kind of fun feeling like a kid and completing these pretty pictures that end up looking amazing (even though I’m not artistic whatsoever).


Especially as the holidays are quickly approaching and finals are coming too fast, remember to take some time for you. Breathe, go into things with an open mind, and also enjoy the moments that fill this hectic time of year, because they are the times that make life special. Happy Monday and Happy December!



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