who am I // a bit about me

I updated the layout of my blog and it no longer has the space for a “get to know me” section, so I decided to dedicate this post to just that!

FullSizeRender 23

So here it goes…

Basic stuff: 20-year old college student at the University of Florida, studying Family, Youth, and Community Science with a minor in Nonprofits and Organizational Leadership, from Las Vegas, NV (yes, people live there)

Fashion stuff: hoards shoes and owns way too many pairs (but loves every single pair too much to part ways), has a simple style but loves unique pieces, searches down bargains and basically only buys things if they are on sale

Random stuff: obsessed with miniature pigs and have been begging my parents for years to get one (one day it’ll happen), naturally loud talking voice (always getting asked to be quiet/talk in a softer tone), cleaning is my therapy, in bed every night before 9pm

Serious stuff: love Jesus with every inch of my heart, family is the center of my life, have a stud boyfriend who amazes me daily, my pup is the cutest ever, people make me really happy, I’m re-energized by motivational quotes

Thanks for stopping by the blog– hope you got to know me a little (or a lot)!

If you want to connect, feel free to follow me on instagram (@onthebrinkofblonde), or send me an email: onthebrinkofblonde@gmail.com




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