Christmas treat // peppermint oreos

Homemade treats are a must during the holidays. It’s even better when they’re super tasty but incredibly easy to make. I found this simple recipe for making peppermint Oreos and figured I’d share its goodness with everyone.

The only things needed for this treat are: four candy canes, white chocolate morsels, and one package of Oreos.

Start out by placing the candy canes into a large plastic bag and crushing them with either a rolling pin or a similar utensil. Then place the morsels into a bowl and microwave them until they are melted, stirring periodically. Next, dip an Oreo into the melted chocolate so it is halfway coated. Lay the Oreo onto a wax paper- lined baking sheet and sprinkle the Oreo with crushed candy canes. Repeat this with the rest of the Oreos, allow them to cool in the fridge, and then eat them up and enjoy!

These three ingredients create such a tasty treat that’s perfect for bringing to a holiday party, eating with friends, or wrapping up to give to your neighbors as a festive gift. And the best part is that calories don’t count during the holidays, so you can indulge in as many as you’d like!



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