surviving the red eye // 10 tips

Traveling back and forth across the country several times a year has made me a bit of a pro when it comes to overnight flights. Red eyes are typically the best way for me to go back to school without it taking up an entire day (thanks to the different time zones).


I compiled my top 10 tips for how I conquer the red eye…1. Don’t wear face makeup. Moisturize your skin, and feel free to wear mascara (I always do), but don’t bother with face makeup because wearing it overnight can really affect your skin and with the changing air from the plane and different locations, you’re bound to break out after.

2. Bring your makeup in your carry-on. I typically don’t wear much makeup on my flights, but then bring some makeup in my carry-on so that when I land, or during my layover, I can put it on if I am going somewhere straight from the airport.

3. Bring earphones, even if you don’t plan on listening to music. Putting on earphones lets the talker next to you know you don’t want to chit chat the whole flight and you want to get some sleep. Also, if you’re on an airline that has screens on the back of the chairs you can watch a show or movie to pass time.

4. Wear a scarf or something that can be used as a blanket. You want to sleep on your red eye so bring something you can wrap up in.

5. Along with #4, a neck pillow is key. If you’re wanting to sleep, make sure you bring the right stuff (such as a pillow) that allows you to do so.

6. Always get water when they ask what you want to drink. Even if you get a soda or something else to drink as well, ask for water. Your skin and body will thank you when it’s not entirely dehydrated after a long flight.

7. Facial mist is a new discovery for me but it is honestly the best. Spritzing my face when I land wakes me up and makes me feel fresh and ready to take on the day.

8. Wear something comfortable. Dress in layers, so you’re warm but can take off a jacket if you get too hot. I usually like to wear the bulkiest stuff that is hard to pack, but make sure it’s comfy enough to sleep in.

9. Eat something during your layover and on the plane. I start to feel nauseous on flights when I don’t get sleep, but usually eating helps that quite a bit. Even though you may not be hungry when you have a layover at 5 am, get a bagel or something to hold you over until you reach your final destination.

10. Last and most obvious: SLEEP. Trying to stay up to force your body to adjust to a different time zone when you land will not do you any good. Speaking from personal experience, even if you sleep your whole flight, you’ll still be just as tired when you land. Something about traveling wipes me out. Let yourself get some rest.



I hope these tips are helpful for your next red eye (or any flight). Travel safe!!



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