‘time’ for spring accessories

Hi lovelies! Happy Tuesday! Since Spring is not far out, I decided to put together a collection of my top few Spring accessories for this year.

My absolute favorite accessory from winter that is the perfect transition into spring is this gorgeous JORD watch. Anyone that knows me would know that although blush pink is my favorite color, you can most always find me wearing some type of black in every outfit. Ladies watches can be kind of difficult to find sometimes, but this wooden watch is absolutely stunning. I love the simplicity of this watch, but also how it stands out with any outfit. I have already gotten so many compliments on it and I’ve only had it for about a month.


link to my watch

link to all women’s watches

Next item is this adorable white crossbody. This purse is the perfect size and look for spring. It is lined with the cutest gingham fabric and holds just the right amount of stuff. I bring this purse with me everywhere in all seasons, but it’s most perfect for spring.


I don’t know about you but I’ve been all into statement earrings lately. These white ones were given to me in the fall and I just can’t get enough. I love the white and gold combo and how the tassels are just the right size. You’ll be seeing me in this all spring and summer.


I think this little scarf is absolutely darling and I don’t wear it often but when I do, I feel so girly. It’s perfect tied around your neck for a classy look, knotted around a pony (or tied in a bow), wrapped around the handle of your purse, or worn as a belt. Personally, I think its so adorable tied in my hair, and that’s my favorite way to wear it.


I hope you enjoyed my top picks for spring accessories. If you love this JORD watch as much as I do, get excited because I am hosting a giveaway with them. The winner will get $100 to spend on their website, so you can pick out whichever watch you’d like. Also, anyone who enters will get 10% off their purchase, so everyone wins! Here are a few additional pictures of my gorgeous watch from Instagram (@onthebrinkofblonde).


Here’s the link to enter the watch GIVEAWAY

JORD’s homepage



Luxury Wooden Watch

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