keeping organized // using a planner

I am a huge planner and absolutely love buying agendas, notebooks, pens, stickers- every kind of stationary. I feel like I may have some valuable tips on using a planner, so I am going to show you the kind of planner I use (and live by) and the way I organize it.


I use The Happy Planner agenda, and primarily use the monthly and weekly layouts, but occasionally use the goals and birthdays/special events pages. I use the monthly layout to write down my general events and things for each day, but don’t typically include the specifics of time and location. On my weekly sections, I use washi tape to color coordinate different aspects of my life and write the event as well as any information for it. For example, I use light green washi tape to represent my work schedule and write the time and location of the classroom I’ll be in that day. Yellow represents my classes and school, so that is usually the main part of my weekly layout. Washi tape is really useful because it not only allows for color coordination, but it also allows you to reuse the tape. I have a lot of recurring events, so it is helpful to have the option to move the tape to the next page, and not make a new label each time.


I find that I can look at my monthly calendar for a general take on what I have planned, but then my weekly agenda shows me a detailed layout of how I spend my time each week. I usually take around 30 min each Sunday to prep my agenda for the next week, and then I update it with anything that pops up throughout the week.

This is the system I use to stay organized, and I hope you find this helpful for your scheduling as well.



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