messy bun // knotted

Hi lovelies!! I posted a picture a little while ago on instagram of a hairstyle I wear all of the time, and several people wanted to know how I did it, so that’s the what today’s post is all about. Messy buns are my favorite because they’re a quick easy way to get my hair out of my face. But since I wear them so often, I sometimes like to switch up the technique instead of always just throwing it up and hoping for the best.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

My go-to messy bun (when I actually put in some kind of effort) is done by tying my hair in knots to achieve this look. Whether I do it high up or down on my head, I do the same thing for both. I start out by tying all of my hair up into a pony and securing it with an elastic. Then, I divide my hair into two sections and tie a knot with those two sections. I continue making knots with those two pieces, and place the knots in a general bun shape as I go. Finally, I hold the two pieces as I tie a thin elastic around my bun and then secure the rest in play with bobby pins. I usually pull a few pieces out and loosen it up, but that’s all there is to it.


I get so many compliments every time I wear my hair like this and really love the texture it creates in your bun. I must say, be careful when trying it out, because you could turn into me and be tempted to do this with your hair every day since it’s so easy and cute.



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