bright summer smile // at home teeth whitening

So as you can imagine, after late nights studying for college finals and a cross-country road trip with plenty of early mornings, the coffee stains on my teeth started to add up. During the summer I rarely wear makeup, which means I want my smile to be bright enough that all attention is drawn to it, and makes me look more put together.

I have tried several whitening toothpastes and whitening strips, but the discomfort of the strips and gross taste of the toothpaste made me a very inconsistent whitener. The first time I whitened my teeth with Smile Brilliant, I literally ran into my mom’s room and showed her my teeth because they were glowing white.

I have been using Smile Brilliant for about a month and I am absolutely loving it. I have been whitening every other day(ish) at night before bed, and since I have so many great things to say about it, I chose to share some of the best parts of this whitening process. You make your own molds for the whitening and they send you personal trays, which is something I really love because it allows for easy and convenient whitening since the trays fit your teeth perfectly. I also love the fact that the trays allow you to do whatever you want while you’re whitening and it’s not uncomfortable or weird. The trays look like clear retainers, so if you were whitening in public, no one would even know (this may be my next challenge ;)).

My smile is really important to me because I think when your smile is bright, you smile more- and more smiling is a dang good thing.

I am doing a GIVEAWAY so that one of my lovely readers can get a free full whitening kit ($149 value), so if you would like to enter, click HERE (see Instagram post for more info).

For reference, here are my before and after pictures.



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