20 things learned in my 2nd year of college

I just finished my second year of college at the University of Florida (yay, I can finally breathe again & not live in a constant state of stress). Oddly, I feel like I learned a lot more this year, than I did last year, so I figured I’d share 20 of the things I learned during my second year of college.


  1. If you see a spider in your bed, don’t take your eye off of it
  2. Never hang heavy things above your bed (woke up to a candle falling on my head at 3 am)
  3. take the stairs/ walk to class & eat the dessert
  4. eating pasta you cooked 2 months ago and left in the fridge is NOT a good idea
  5. I wouldn’t recommend burning a candle right in front of a stack of notebooks you’re reaching for (unless you want to burn your apartment/dorm down)
  6. having busy days and slow nights is so good for the soul
  7. if you live in Florida during hurricane season, learn terminology such as “hunker down”
  8. text/call your parents daily- even if it’s just to say goodnight
  9. decorate your room in a way that makes you smile- you’ll probably spend a lot of time there
  10. be open to huge life changes and allow yourself to change paths
  11. look up the weather daily before getting dressed to avoid sweating bullets in a sweater in jeans when it’s randomly 90º outside
  12. don’t live your life as a countdown (I know it’s easy to look forward to the next time you’re home or to the next weekend, but it completely takes away the college experience)
  13. be okay with not being like everyone else- IT IS OKAY TO BE DIFFERENT
  14. changing your major can be a great thing, even though it has a negative stigma
  15. you have the ability to positively impact a lot of people in college- so do it
  16. you don’t have to have it all figured out right away
  17. go to office hours- it a resource specifically put in place to help you
  18. never apologize for prioritizing sleep
  19. surround yourself with people that constantly make you smile
  20. random ice cream dates with friends are really underrated

If you’re a college student and can relate to any of these things, stick around because there are many more college posts coming your way. But if not, I hope you at least got a little laugh out of some of the silly things I learned the hard way during my sophomore year of college.