Christmas treat // peppermint oreos

Homemade treats are a must during the holidays. It’s even better when they’re super tasty but incredibly easy to make. I found this simple recipe for making peppermint Oreos and figured I’d share its goodness with everyone.

The only things needed for this treat are: four candy canes, white chocolate morsels, and one package of Oreos.

Start out by placing the candy canes into a large plastic bag and crushing them with either a rolling pin or a similar utensil. Continue reading “Christmas treat // peppermint oreos”

rolo pretzel dessert

Happy Turkey Day!!! Two posts in one day because I made these desserts yesterday and I couldn’t wait to share! They are so unbelievably easy, yet every person at Friendsgiving yesterday couldn’t get enough of them. They are perfect for any holiday, but will be especially good for Christmas!

There are only three things that go into these delicious treats: rolos, pretzels, and m&m’s. The flavor combination of these three is to die for!!

All you have to do is lay out the pretzels on a baking sheet that is lined with parchment paper, top the pretzels with rolos, place them in an oven heated to around 350F and bake them for about 3-5 min. Once they start to seem soft and slightly gooey, take them out of the oven and put m&m’s on the top and press down a little to smoosh the rolo.

Then gobble them up, because they are absolutely delicious!



best breakfast smoothie

If I am going to make a smoothie it has to be two things: simple with few ingredients & so delicious I feel like it’s a dessert.

For this smoothie I used: vanilla whey protein powder (1/2 scoop), ground flax seed (1 tablespoon), vanilla almond milk (1/2 cup), spinach (1 handful) , half of a frozen banana, frozen strawberries (1/2 cup), and frozen blueberries (1/4 cup).


I put that in the blender (using very rough estimates for measurements) and blended it into the consistency I like for my smoothies. Continue reading “best breakfast smoothie”

watermelon salad

In attempt to make a colorful watermelon salad, I threw this together for the Fourth of July and it was a crowd favorite.

IMG_2920 2

I tossed together watermelon (cut using a melon baller), mint leaves (fresh from my grandparent’s garden), blueberries and feta cheese and then topped it with a combination of lemon juice, lime juice and a hint of honey.

It turned out absolutely delicious and was incredibly refreshing out by the pool on such a hot day.