new year // new project

Happy New Year Friends!!! I hope 2018 brings so much happiness and love into your life! I have learned a lot about myself this past year, and something I have realized is how much what I surround myself with directly influences me. I have a wall in my room filled with signs and sayings of things that motivate me or just make me smile, and when I walk past it each day, it is an instant reminder to be the best I can be. They remind me to smile, and be a source of light in a world that can sometimes seem so dark.

I have always been infatuated with inspiration boards, but have never really created them. I loved the idea, but thought that they took too much time and weren’t practical to create often. Since this is the start of the new year, I have created my version of an inspiration board, and plan to update it on the first of every month to reflect goals, aspirations, or just images that make me happy.


I received this hanging, heart cork board for Valentines day, and I had a few quotes and some pictures on it, but I think this provides the perfect base for my inspiration board. I wanted to keep it very simple so that it was easy to alter each month. I cut images out of magazines and found a quote out of a book that I placed together and hung on this cork board. When I see it, I smile. Continue reading “new year // new project”

warm welcome // house guests

Growing up, anytime we were having a guest stay at our house, we would always set up their room with some essentials and treats to make them feel more welcome. I mean who doesn’t want to have a plethora of goodies waiting for them when they arrive?? My parents came to stay with me this weekend and although I do not have a house yet, I still decided to make them feel welcomed and put together a little basket for them to see upon their arrival. It also happened to be their birthday weekend (their birthdays are the 3rd and 7th of November), so I hung up a “happy birthday” banner and set out their gifts as well.

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calling a foreign place “home”

Moving means a fresh start. This is how many people view it, and I was no exception. I was excited for the large changes that I would face when going off to college. I looked forward to how I would decorate my dorm, and how I would organize my shower caddy, and color schemes, and what I would pack and all of those small things that college students look forward to. My situation was a little different because I was moving so far from home. I flew to college with my parents, so I had to pack everything into suitcases, which meant lots of coordination in advance. I had prepared for months and planned all of the things I would take and before I knew it, it was time to leave. I left my family and friends and came to a place that was so foreign. I knew no one and was in a place that wasn’t familiar whatsoever. I had a lot of learning to do.

The thing that was most important for me to adjust properly was a room that was homey and made me smile every time I walked in (since I knew I’d be spending a lot of time in it). I made sure to include special pieces from home and have similar components to my room I grew up in to make the transition easier. It is a perfect room; full of happiness and makes me really enjoy living in it.

I figured I’d insert a few pics of my room so you could get a feel for my happy place:

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diy fur stool // under $30

I have seen fur stools all over instagram and house magazines and loved them, until I looked at the crazy prices. Some of the stools I looked at were hundreds of dollars for small stools, and when I realized I had something in my room I could turn into one like these, I decided to diy it.

My mom had found this small stool at a garage sale (the owner actually used it as a dog bed) and it was the perfect base for this project. It was cushioned at the top and covered with a vibrant fabric and wrapped with a boa. My room is grey and white, with hints of pink, so I decided to create a charcoal gray fur stool.

I took off the fabric and the boa on the stool and removed most of the stuffing so it looked pretty flat. I found some small strips of fur for under $3 so I bought about 7 of them. I went to Joanne’s Fabric Store, but I have seen the same fur strips at Hobby Lobby and Michaels. I laid out the pieces and pinned them together over the stool to make sure they would look right, and then hot glued them on. The trick is to glue them together in opposite directions so the fur is not all facing the same way. It will make it look more textured and less uniform. I also rubbed my fingers through the fur at the end, so it has a messy look, which helps hide the seams and make it look more natural. Continue reading “diy fur stool // under $30”

organizational decor

I love when decorations are also incredibly useful! I’m always trying to find different ways to display quotes I like, lists I make, or sayings I live by, so when I saw an idea on Pinterest to hang clipboards to showcase photos or messages, I made my own version of it and love the way they turned out.

I bought three simple clipboards and already had the white board, cork board, and chalkboard to glue to them, but these can easily be purchased at a craft store. I hot glued the boards to the clipboards, decorated them as I liked and hung them on my door with Command Strips. I arranged them in a straight line, but they’d look adorable scattered on a wall in an office, in a pattern, or any way you’d like. Continue reading “organizational decor”