inspiration board // February

Since Valentine’s day is this month, I decided to use that as my major inspiration for February. As you can see the whole board is covered in red and pink and lovely things. I love Valentine’s Day and think whether you’re single or taken, a day of love should always be celebrated.

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I hope you love my vision board for this month and feel inspired to create one of your own. I love having a space dedicated towards pinning the things I am motivated by. Continue reading “inspiration board // February”

new year // new project

Happy New Year Friends!!! I hope 2018 brings so much happiness and love into your life! I have learned a lot about myself this past year, and something I have realized is how much what I surround myself with directly influences me. I have a wall in my room filled with signs and sayings of things that motivate me or just make me smile, and when I walk past it each day, it is an instant reminder to be the best I can be. They remind me to smile, and be a source of light in a world that can sometimes seem so dark.

I have always been infatuated with inspiration boards, but have never really created them. I loved the idea, but thought that they took too much time and weren’t practical to create often. Since this is the start of the new year, I have created my version of an inspiration board, and plan to update it on the first of every month to reflect goals, aspirations, or just images that make me happy.


I received this hanging, heart cork board for Valentines day, and I had a few quotes and some pictures on it, but I think this provides the perfect base for my inspiration board. I wanted to keep it very simple so that it was easy to alter each month. I cut images out of magazines and found a quote out of a book that I placed together and hung on this cork board. When I see it, I smile. Continue reading “new year // new project”

who am I // a bit about me

I updated the layout of my blog and it no longer has the space for a “get to know me” section, so I decided to dedicate this post to just that!

FullSizeRender 23

So here it goes…

Basic stuff: 20-year old college student at the University of Florida, studying Family, Youth, and Community Science with a minor in Nonprofits and Organizational Leadership, from Las Vegas, NV (yes, people live there)

Fashion stuff: hoards shoes and owns way too many pairs (but loves every single pair too much to part ways), has a simple style but loves unique pieces, searches down bargains and basically only buys things if they are on sale

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managing stress

Have you ever gotten to the stage of extreme stress where your eyes start to twitch? Unfortunately, I have been there too many times. Since I know stress is inevitable around this time of year, I wanted to give you a few little tips I use to help manage stress.

Recently, I have gotten more into essential oils and absolutely love them. At this point, there is basically an essential oil for anything and they seem to be a solution for any situation. Can’t sleep? Lavender oil. Congested? Eucalyptus oil. Trouble focusing? Peppermint oil. There are so many oils and brands out there today, and I love trying them all out. I am still learning which I like and work best for me, but I know with finals right around the corner, my stress-relief one will be heavily used. The combination of these two in my diffuser has been my favorite lately.


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friendsgiving // my new favorite holiday

Every year, I look forward to thanksgiving- eating lots of mashed potatoes, laughing with family, cooler weather, and especially friendsgiving. We started doing a friends get together the day before thanksgiving a few years ago, and it has become something I look forward to all year long.

Typically we put out some appetizers and desserts, and lots of fun drinks, set up some fall decor, and play a movie on the side of my house with a projector. It is honestly one of my favorite traditions and I love that we have made this such a fun get-together over thanksgiving. (the yummy rolo dessert is linked in another blog post here)


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