bright summer smile // at home teeth whitening

So as you can imagine, after late nights studying for college finals and a cross-country road trip with plenty of early mornings, the coffee stains on my teeth started to add up. During the summer I rarely wear makeup, which means I want my smile to be bright enough that all attention is drawn to it, and makes me look more put together.

I have tried several whitening toothpastes and whitening strips, but the discomfort of the strips and gross taste of the toothpaste made me a very inconsistent whitener. The first time I whitened my teeth with Smile Brilliant, I literally ran into my mom’s room and showed her my teeth because they were glowing white.

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keeping organized // using a planner

I am a huge planner and absolutely love buying agendas, notebooks, pens, stickers- every kind of stationary. I feel like I may have some valuable tips on using a planner, so I am going to show you the kind of planner I use (and live by) and the way I organize it.


I use The Happy Planner agenda, and primarily use the monthly and weekly layouts, but occasionally use the goals and birthdays/special events pages. Continue reading “keeping organized // using a planner”

inspiration board // march

Happy March!! For this month, I went with a very spring break & fashion-centered inspiration board. I LOVE the center photo and made it the focal point of the board because I get so stressed during school, so this is the perfect reminder to let my hair down and relax during spring break.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I added lots of girly details, but also edgy details (which almost perfectly describes my style). I love the contrast between the pink and the black, and the soft flowers mixed with the bold lettering.

I am loving the board this month, and I hope it inspires you for March as much as it does for me!



Valentine’s love dinner // at home

I absolutely love Valentine’s Day, and every year growing up my parents would have a “love dinner” with me and my brother. It’s always so difficult to make reservations and plan to go out, so they chose to have a nice dinner at our house. We would all dress up and cook and decorate the house, so it felt so special. I put together some ideas if you want to have a “love dinner” too.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 8.10.31 PM.png

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inspiration board // February

Since Valentine’s day is this month, I decided to use that as my major inspiration for February. As you can see the whole board is covered in red and pink and lovely things. I love Valentine’s Day and think whether you’re single or taken, a day of love should always be celebrated.

8CF194D4-57CD-43BA-ACDC-9008405FA8FE 2.JPG

I hope you love my vision board for this month and feel inspired to create one of your own. I love having a space dedicated towards pinning the things I am motivated by. Continue reading “inspiration board // February”