surviving the red eye // 10 tips

Traveling back and forth across the country several times a year has made me a bit of a pro when it comes to overnight flights. Red eyes are typically the best way for me to go back to school without it taking up an entire day (thanks to the different time zones).


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a new level of happy // Virginia

As we biked along this path in Virginia for 17 miles, I stopped several times and looked around and thought “Is this even real life or am I in a movie?” because I have never experienced such beautiful scenery. This put it into perspective of how surreal life can seem sometimes and made me realize the importance of being present.

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dance like no one is watching

I kind of feel bad for Mondays… They have the opportunity to symbolize a fresh start and getting back into a routine, but instead they are dreaded and viewed so negatively. I figured on the first Monday of every month, a little motivation is necessary. So to start off the first Monday in August right, here is the debut of ‘motivational Monday’.

Last week I was in Mexico, on a cruise, and on the very last night they were asking for volunteers to come on stage before one of the productions. I raised my hand, unsure of what I was getting myself into, and got called up on stage. They called one other person up as well and we found ourselves having a dance off.

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jet set // travel essentials

When traveling, I have become quite consistent with the things I throw into my carry-on at the last second. I have three essentials that get me through all travel, especially long flights and multiple airports.

My number one essential is SNACKS. I am a huge snacker. The first thing I dig for in my bag on a flight is something to munch on because it seems to distract me from take off, landing, and all of the hours in between. Usually I’ll bring a variety of snacks but I typically reach for a granola bar or almonds or some kind of trail mix so I don’t feel guilty when I eat the whole bag. I also really like to bring chocolate covered dried fruit or something sweet, as a treat at some point during the flight.


This essential may be tied for first with snacks- CHAPSTICK. I absolutely cannot go on a trip without chapstick. Having chapped lips is one of the most uncomfortable feelings and with the dry air in the plane, chapstick is a must. Especially if you’re on the plane for several hours, or traveling to a place of a different climate, your lips will need some love. I have chapstick with me at all times but my go-to (and favorite) is Burt’s Bees. Continue reading “jet set // travel essentials”

life is oh so beautiful


During a recent trip to Palm Springs, I was quickly reminded to put aside the scorching heat and take in the beauty of this city. By the pool in our hotel, this mural was painted on the wall and it made me think about how beautiful life really is. It’s so easy to get caught up in day- to- day nonsense and lose focus on the simple, beautiful things that occur every day. There’s a reason it’s important to “stop and smell the roses” and when I find myself actually taking a moment to enjoy those little things, my heart overflows with joy, and I am truly able to see just how beautiful life is. Continue reading “life is oh so beautiful”